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It shows how deep a mother’s bond goes, no matter how short the bonding time is



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The Art of Dying – Dr Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Angie Baird's little girl was born in May 1979 but unfortunately was sick with a blood disorder and was kept in the intensive care baby unit. For 48 hours she hung on and the doctors were optimistic that the worst was over.

My bed was just opposite the nurses' station. I awoke suddenly at 3 a.m. on the third morning shaking and tearful and called the nurse and asked if I could be taken up to the next floor to see my baby. I am not a pushy person at all but had a really strong feeling that I needed to go right then and, there.

The nurse said it was a strange request at that time of the morning but would phone the ICU to see if they would mind. The nurse said that the phone in the ICU was engaged, and she would ring again in a moment.

Five or so minutes later the phone on the station desk rang. The reason why it was engaged, when the nurse rang was that the sister in the ICU was trying to ring down to break the devastating news that my daughter had just passed, away. At EXACTLY 3 a.m.!

That feeling I had at 3 a.m. was so strong. I just KNEW that something was wrong. It shows how deep a mother’s bond goes, no matter how short the bonding time is.

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