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Close to death from a haemorrhaged brain tumour



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

Because a young woman listened to her intuition, she was able to be very helpful to her childhood friend in the final days of the friend's life. Although they had not seen each other in months, they had been good friends from the age of eight and had been very close. Although she had not thought of her friend in quite a while, she suddenly began thinking of her constantly and had the strong feeling that she was in danger.

After a couple of days of intense preoccupation with these intuitions, she attempted to call her in the distant city where she lived. When she didn't answer after several phone calls, she called her friend's landlord to check on her. When the landlord opened her friend's apartment at her insistence, he found that the young woman was close to death from a hemorrhaged brain tumor. She was taken to the hospital where she stayed for a week until her death. During that time, she was able to heal much that had occurred between herself, her family, and her estranged boyfriend.

It was a very important time for her to complete her unfinished business.

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Brain haemorrhage
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