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A kundalini experience provoked by overwork and a head massage



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The amount of work she was doing would have amassed a great deal of ‘hot energy’, the head massage might well have released it.  The generic name given to this is Tuina.

But the specific approach has various names including Champissage and  Indian head massage and is used in Hindu and ayurvedic medicine [Champissage itself is a trademarked term].

Medically it is known as Craniosacral therapy CV-4

A description of the experience

Dr Yvonne Kason – Farther Shores

One of the most interesting accounts [of a kundalini experience] was that of a young doctor named Gwen … who had a dramatic kundalini awakening during her third year of medical school.  Prior to her experience she had never done yoga, meditated or practised any Eastern or Western spiritual discipline:

I had just had a relaxing supper with a close friend one Saturday evening. I had been studying and in a very intense state of concentration for most of the day. In fact, throughout my university education, and especially during medical school, I studied very intensely, and frequently went into almost trance-like states of absorption during my studies I think all this intense absorption and concentration is what inadvertently stimulated my kundalini.

That evening, after the supper, I discovered that I had an intense pressure headache. My friend suggested that he try giving me a head massage to relieve the headache.

I sat down in a comfortable position, and he began to massage my scalp.

Suddenly, my whole body started shaking uncontrollably. I felt rushes of energy, coursing up my body to my head, and my whole body jerked with the pulses of energy. My back, arms, and legs all jerked repeatedly as the energy pulse raced upwards. I could not stop the shaking. My, body was rocked and shaken by these energy pulses from about 9.30 pm until 10.30 a.m. I was fully conscious the whole time, and was acutely aware of what was happening in my body.

I was very frightened during the shaking episode I had no idea what was going on. I could not control my body; I could not stop the jerking movements of my body and limbs. I shouted out to my friend, asking what was happening. He did not know, and he just sat with me to comfort me. I knew it could not be a seizure, because I was fully conscious throughout the whole episode. Later I found it interesting that my headache had disappeared as soon as the energy pulses began.

When the energy rush and body shaking finally stopped, I felt overwhelmingly fatigued, as if I had experienced a tremendous release of some sort. I crawled into bed and went to sleep immediately.

ln the morning when I awoke, I felt as if I had been reborn, When I opened my eyes, the world seemed to have become a magical place. I felt as if I were in love with the world, and that the universe and l were making love to each other. It seemed as if the world was filled with light; all the  colours and dimensions of objects seemed clearer and more beautiful. Every sensation was enhanced. lt was as if I was breathing in the life energy of the universe with each breath. I felt as if my consciousness had expanded to immense proportions, and I felt totally at one with the entire universe, I felt the oneness of all things, and I felt that all was well in the Divine plan of the universe.

As I basked in this blissful state, I started to spontaneously recite scriptures that I had not yet read from the Koran and from the Bible. I started to spontaneously go into yoga postures and do yoga mudras, or hand movements, even though at that point I had never studied yoga.

In the weeks that followed, I remained in an expanded, mystical state of consciousness. I felt a tremendous physical energy during this time. I could easily run at full speed for four miles, even though I had not previously jogged. I seemed to suddenly have great psychic energy also, and I had spontaneously developed new psychic abilities. I was clairsentient, and could perceive emotional and physical problems in others.

 Several people told me that they experienced a healing of their pain when l would lay my hands on a painful part of their body. And when people needed help with emotional problems or pain, I would seem to automatically know what to say. I was also able to see auras around people and to perceive the energy of other things - plants, trees, rocks, everything.

I felt as if I had undergone a complete rebirth. The experience created a child-like innocence in me. I developed an utter trust in the wisdom of the intelligent power behind the universe. I felt a real sense of grace, of surrendering to a higher power. I felt as if my physical body had become an open vehicle for the life force to express itself through.

I also seemed, spontaneously to develop tremendous new understanding of the realities behind the universe, and answers to the paradoxes of life and the universe. I could see the wisdom within the folly around us.

The blissful expanded mystical state of consciousness lasted for six months, then my consciousness contracted until it seemed to reach a state that was only somewhat larger than my original state of consciousness. lt remains in this state today.

This entire experience changed me totally. lt actually seems to have left me more intelligent than I was previously. I can think more clearly and more perceptively.

After the experience I developed the urge to meditate daily on the divine. I have retained some telepathic abilities and remain psychically open, although not to the extent that I was during the six months of expanded consciousness. Although I never experience violent body jerking the way I did that first evening, I still experience recurrent energy surges that rush up my body towards my brain. I perceive this as the life force, surging through me.

Gwen found the changes in her perception so overwhelming that she decided to take a year off school.  She spent the time travelling, learning about different spiritual traditions and meeting people with similar interests.  After a while she managed to integrate the experience…. returned to medical school, completed her studies and has become an excellent dedicated physician.

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