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Natasha and her spirit baby communication



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from the website Parenting with love.

This account is not unusual, there are other examples we have come across of communication from 'spirit babies' wanting to incarnate and find the right parents

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Voices from the Womb – Four Mothers Tell About Prebirth Communication

Natasha’s Story – Conscious Conception

It was a very big decision whether or not to have a child, says Natasha. The nine months we spent deciding, were the hard ones, not the pregnancy. Finally we made our decision and I went to the doctor to have my loop taken out. She did say to me, “You are probably quite fertile at the moment”, but I didn’t realise that I was ovulating that very day.

My husband, André was under stress at work at the time, so I felt there was no rush to conceive immediately, and we just fell asleep together. But I was pleasantly surprised when he woke me in the middle of the night, wanting to make love. I knew from that moment that I was pregnant. André told me much later that he knew from that moment too.

As we were lying together drifting back to sleep, I had a very strange sensation. It started at the top of my head and I felt as if I was spinning into a vortex. I believe now that it was the spirit of my little girl coming in. Of course there was part of me that couldn’t quite believe it, but on another level, both André and I knew that I was pregnant without having had a test done. It was almost as if the baby had told us both that she wanted to come now.

The pregnancy was easy and the birth, with a midwife, went fine. After André had gone back home, I lay with my baby on my chest, loving her totally. I could hardly believe she was real. So it was a shock to me when a couple of months later, I went into a very bad postnatal depression. But even when it was at its worst, I was able to remind myself how my baby had been conceived, and that was one of the things that sustained me, along with getting help at home and having therapy twice a week.

Looking back I think that was something important that I needed to go through so that I would have the skills to help others. There were many things I needed to learn and my baby had come to be my teacher. Once the depression lifted I was able to feel the depth of love I had for her once again – it was magic. She is a very strong, spirited little girl today and very loving. We are both so glad that she has come into our lives.

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