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Dying - when the spirit can flit back and forth for a while before finally departing



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

The daughter of a woman whose mother was in hospital following a massive stroke was puzzled by the fact that she constantly mentioned being visited by her dead mother and sisters. She says:

I wasn't sure if the sightings were due to confusion caused by her illness but she seemed lucid. It all seemed very odd at the time and I mentioned it to the hospital chaplain when he came to visit Mum during her final day. He said that this type of thing was very common and he came across it all the time. He said that we should view the transition from life to death, as a semi-permeable membrane in which the spirit could flit back and forth for a while before finally departing. His words made great sense to me at the time and I found them very comforting.

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