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Frau K has a prophetic dream of a fire in a brewery



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The Future and Beyond – H F Saltmarsh

This case is taken from Proc., V, 935.

I will now give one case of accident to material things. Here the dream, which was itself quite vague, was reinforced by an impression on waking, which focussed and made definite the reference of the precognition. It is another instance of a recurrent dream.

Frau K dreamed of an outbreak of fire and, on waking, thought that her securities, which were kept in the fireproof safe at a brewery, were in danger. She could not remember dreaming anything about the securities but felt that they were somehow connected with the fire. She told her dream to several people. Three days later it was repeated with even greater distinctness, and her anxiety for her securities increased.

She begged her husband to have them removed and he, after much objection, finally consented. As soon as they were deposited in a bank her anxiety ceased. About six weeks later she again dreamed of a fire, but this time with no feelings of anxiety, rather with relief.

Simultaneously with the dream the brewery was burnt down and the safe so exposed to the fire that all papers therein were destroyed.

The account is confirmed by five witnesses.

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