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Sees his dying mother on an omnibus and goes out of body to see her



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Death and its Mystery, At the Moment of Death; Manifestations and Apparitions of the Dying – Camille Flammarion
Letter from Clerk X in the Paris Central Postal and Telegraph Office to his brother

I came out of the office about half past five and took the omnibus which runs from Grenelle to the Saint-Martin gate.  During the whole day I had not had a single thought about the region where we spent our childhood.  Suddenly, when I had got to the rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, I had a very distinct vision of poor Mamma lying in her bed ill.

I had the feeling that she was going to die, and I remember that, in the sort of dream I had, I said to her:

‘Wait Mamma, I’m coming’.

I had no illusions as to her condition and I felt drawn, so to speak, to the other world.  This made me wish to die too.

I cannot explain the state of mind in which I was, but this much is certain; I saw myself most distinctly at the foot of Mamma’s bed; she was pale and ill and she recognised me.  It was about 6 o’clock; I was in the omnibus with my friend Leon.

When I got back to where I lived, at 11 o’clock at night, the janitor gave me a telegram and I must say that I thought at once of what had happened to me in the omnibus and did not for an instant doubt that the telegram would announce her death.

I did not go to bed, waited impatiently for daylight, that I might leave.  Leon was with me when I got back and when I received the telegram I told him what had happened in the omnibus.  He then told me that, as a matter of fact, I had seemed very queer at that moment and that I had answered him incoherently.  He can vouch for the facts.  It seems to that during the remainder of the evening I was not myself.

This singular occurrence made a deep impression on me, which is as fresh in my memory as on the first day.  Usually the sight of a dying person is painful, but in my case, I repeat htat I felt, rather, the satisfaction of being sure of immortality

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