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Calligaris, Professor Giuseppe - Seeing people and objects on the other side of a wall



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For ease of reference I have grouped this and other observations related to the professor under him as a source, even though strictly speaking the person experiencing the effects is not him


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Giuseppe Calligaris was a professor of neuro-psychology at the Royal University of Rome.  On November 26th 1934, he provided a demonstration to his fellow professors and doctors that resulted in ‘remote viewing’ – ‘seeing’ - perceiving places and objects the test subject could not physically see.  Professor Calligaris pressed specific parts of the person’s body and the person responded with a detailed description of both people and objects on the other side of a wall.  To those present, he explained that if certain areas on the skin are agitated, the subject was given ‘super sensorial impressions’.  To enable his subject to discern things on the other side of a wall, Professor Calligaris pressed a spot to the right of the thorax for 15 minutes.

Professor Calligaris’s method works via triggering of very specific trigger points and what makes his method that bit more fascinating is that he found trigger points other than the more obvious ones.

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Calligaris, Professor Giuseppe

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