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Type of Spiritual Experience


This may actually be describing ecstasy, but I have left it as it is


A description of the experience

Rabbi Hayim Vital (c. 1543-1620 CE), describing the method of R. Yosef Karo

Meditate alone in a house, wrapped in a prayer shawl. Sit and shut your eyes, and transcend the physical as if your soul has left your body and is ascending to heaven. After this divestment/ascension, recite one Mishna, any Mishna you wish, many times consecutively, as quickly as you can, with clear pronunciation, without skipping one word. Intend to bind your soul with the soul of the sage who taught this Mishna.

" Your soul will become a chariot. .."

Do this by intending that your mouth is a mere vessel/conduit to bring forth the letters of the words of this Mishna, and that the voice that emerges through the vessel of your mouth is [filled with] the sparks of your inner soul which are emerging and reciting this Mishna.

In this way, your soul will become a chariot within which the soul of the sage who is the master of that Mishna can manifest. His soul will then clothe itself within your soul. At a certain point in the process of reciting the words of the Mishna, you may feel overcome by exhaustion.

If you are worthy, the soul of this sage may then come to reside in your mouth. This will happen in the midst of your reciting the Mishna.

As you recite, he will begin to speak with your mouth and wish you Shalom. He will then answer every question that comes into your thoughts to ask him. He will do this with and through your mouth. Your ears will hear his words, for you will not be speaking from yourself. Rather, he will be speaking through you. This is the mystery of the verse,

"The spirit of G-d spoke to me, and His word was on my lips". (Samuel II 23:2)

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