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Sellers, Peter – Maurice Woodruff’s prophecy comes true



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Maurice Woodruff (2 April 1916 – 28 January 1973) was an English clairvoyant and astrologer, born and raised in London. He achieved considerable fame in England. He presented his predictions to the public via newspapers and also via stage, cabaret and television appearances.

In addition to his appearances on British television, Maurice hosted the hour-long program, Maurice Woodruff Predicts, on American TV for a short run in 1969. He authored several books including The Secrets of Foretelling Your Own Future (1969), Probing the Unknown: The Personal Experiences of a Psychic (1971), and Woody (1967), a biographical account of his mother's colourful life and career.

He had a considerable number of private clients including several well-known celebrities. One of his most famous clients was Peter Sellers. His mother was the clairvoyant Vera "Woody" Woodruff.

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Peter Sellers – Alexander Walker
The next film he made was the one that finally opened people's eyes. They saw the amazing breadth of his talent as a character actor.

One has to grant Maurice Woodruff his bullseye, too.  His 'prophecy' of an offer from a man 'with the initial "Z" ' came true, though Mario Zampi and Peter Sellers were so clearly made for each other, it was hardly necessary to seek a paranormal connection.

'Peter Sellers establishes himself as the finest film comedian since Chaplin,' wrote Philip Oakes, reviewing The Naked Truth in the Evening Standard. The story of the blackmailing editor of a scandal sheet whose victims combine to bump him off, the movie offered Sellers a multiple role, including a chance (which he took with relish) to satirize the then doyen of the quiz-and-cash shows, Wilfred Pickles, who was transmuted into a hypocritical Scottish quizmaster, Wee Sonny McKay, who cosies up to the old folk on his TV show (a speciality of Pickles's radio Have a Go!) while, in his alter ego as a slum landlord, he screws the last bawbee out of them.

In addition, Sellers played an ageing bureaucrat, a tweedy sportsman and a genial copper. The film couldn't sustain its comedy, but Sellers could. While the fun was faltering, he alone gave the impression that he could keep his own brand of virtuosity going forever.

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Sellers, Peter

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