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De Morgan, Augustus - From Matter to Spirit - 04 Preface on the experiences of Mr De Morgan – the experiences of his sceptical friend



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From Matter to Spirit - Preface written by Augustus De Morgan

I gave an account of all this to a friend who was then alive, a man of ‘ologies’ and ‘ometers’ both, who was not at all disposed to think it anything but a clever imposture. 'But,' said he, ‘what you tell me is very singular: I shall go myself to Mrs. Hayden; I shall go alone and not give my name ; I don't think I shall hear anything from anybody: but if I do I shall find out the trick; depend upon it; I shall find it out.'

He went accordingly and came to me to report progress. He told me that he had gone a step beyond me, for he had insisted on taking his alphabet behind a large folding screen, and asking his questions by the alphabet and a pencil, as well as receiving the answers. No persons except himself and Mrs. Hayden were in the room.

The ‘spirit' who came to him was one whose unfortunate death was fully detailed in the usual way. My friend told me that he was ‘awe-struck,' and had nearly forgotten all his precautions.

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De Morgan, Augustus

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