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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death – 04 The death of Alfred Smedley’s wife



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Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death]

First category - Cases in which the apparitions of the deceased are perceived solely by the dying person, and relate to persons whose death he knew.

4th case. - Alfred Smedley, at page 50-51 of his book Some Reminiscences, tells how he follows the last moments of his wife:

A few moments before his death her eyes fixed on something that seemed to fill them with a lively and pleasant surprise. So she said, "How! here is my sister Charlotte; here is my mother, my father, my brother Jean, my sister Marie! Now they bring me Bessy Heap too! They are all here; Oh! how beautiful, how beautiful! Do not you see them?

"No, my dear," I replied, "and I regret it."

"Can not you see them?” repeated the patient with surprise. “They are all here; they came to take me with them. Part of our family has already crossed the open sea, and soon we will all be together in the new heavenly abode. "

I will add here that Bessy Heap had been a very faithful servant, very affectionate to our family, and that she had always had a particular affection for my wife.

After this ecstatic vision, the patient remained for some time exhausted; finally, gazing fixedly at the sky and raising her arms she expired.


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Bozzano, Professor Ernesto

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