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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance – On contrast, interrupters and conductors



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T C Lethbridge – ESP Beyond Time and Distance

NATURE apparently always consists of a balance of opposites. Where there is night there is also day: where there is evil there is also good. Positive and negative, male and female it is the same story. So it is not surprising to find in our study that it is not one-sided.

Although you can tune in on what appears to be a repulsion rate to substances, there are other substances which act as a complete obstacle to this. I call them interrupters, but this is not the right term, for they are really conductors and counteract the repulsion effect which gives us our rates.

The first interrupter I found was lead. Lead has the same, or nearly the same rate as several metals; but while it is an interrupter, silver with the same rate of 22 inches is not.

 The effect of an interrupter is instant and quite dramatic.

 If you tune in to a gold object and, while the pendulum is gyrating, put a piece of lead beside the gold, the gyration changes in a moment to a back and forth swing. If you hold a piece of lead in your left hand while the pendulum, suspended from your right hand, is gyrating over the piece of gold, and then transfer the lead from the left hand to the right, the gyration stops at once and oscillation begins.

It makes the water-diviner’s rod turn over for the same reason.  The rod is in unstable equilibrium with the current passing through its apex and the obstruction of the flow causes it to turn aside and rotate. The force is very great and breaks the rod if you try to hold it tight and prevent its rotation.

This is not difficult to understand, perfectly reasonable and within the bounds of science. It is also magic, for divination is one of the magic arts. I think that all magic arts could be interpreted in terms of science, if it could be bothered to study them.


Witches who cast hostile spells against others and not just the devotees of an old religion, are by common belief in the countryside, unable to cross running water. So are ghosts for that matter. If there is anything in the belief, then running water is, like rowan, probably an interrupter.

It is not difficult to test this. Stand on one side of the sink in the kitchen. Put a piece of elder on the opposite side of the sink and test between yourself and it with the short pendulum.  At once the pendulum gyrates. The opposition of the elder to an even flow of current is clear. Now turn on the tap so that water runs between you and the elder and test again. The pendulum does not gyrate. The hostility, if it may be so termed, of the elder cannot pass the running water. Presumably this is due to a field of force caused by the friction of the running water against the bottom of the sink, for there is no such interruption with standing water.

In any case, if the active malice of magicians can be sent out as a ray between one personal field and another, running water would interrupt it.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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