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Sherman, Harold - Fire: December 7th, 1937



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Thoughts through Space – Sir Hubert Wilkins and Harold M Sherman

On the night of December 7, 1937, an unusual thing happened. I had no sooner seated myself in my study, at the appointed hour, and turned off the light, than I suddenly saw a fire flaring up against the black void of my inner mind. My nerves instantly prickled with excitement, and I commenced to record:

Don't know why, but I seem to see crackling fire shining out in darkness of Aklavik-get a definite fire impression as though house burning-you can see it from your location on ice-I first thought it fire on ice near your tent, but impression persists it is white house burning and quite a crowd gathered around it-people running or hurrying toward flames-bitter cold-stiff breeze blowing . . .

It was not until February 14, 1938, that I received any check on this impression from Wilkins, who had been beyond the reach of airmail all this time, and my envelopes containing recordings had piled up, waiting for him, at Aklavik.

I noted that I had missed getting a sensing of Wilkins' having left Aklavik, and had placed him there when the fire occurred. Actually, as he testified, Wilkins was in Point Barrow on that night.

The fact that I had not sensed a change of location was interesting to me.

Time or space apparently does not exist in telepathic communication. I had made contact with Wilkins' mind just as easily at Point Barrow as I had at Aklavik, but I had not felt the fact of his having physically moved from one point to another.

Yet, as Wilkins told me later allowing for the difference in time, he was seeing the fire taking place in Point Barrow, and I was writing down my impression of it in New York City at the same moment!

This meant that, in some way which cannot as yet be entirely explained, I was attuned to Wilkins' mind, seeing and feeling, simultaneously, what he was seeing and feeling!

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Wilkins, Sir Hubert and Sherman, Harold

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