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Watson, Lyall - Pigeon 167 homes in to his owner



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Lyall Watson – Lifetide

In 1940, the 12 year old son of a county sheriff in West Virginia was taken a hundred and twenty miles to the Myers Memorial hospital at Philippi for an operation. 

One dark snowy night, about a week after his arrival he heard a fluttering at the window of his hospital room.  He called a nurse and told her there was a bird trying to get in. 

To humour the boy, she opened the window and a pigeon came right in.  He immediately recognised it as his personal pet.  He told the nurse to look for a ring on its leg carrying the number 167.  She did and there was. 

He was allowed to keep it in a box near his bed and when his parents came to visit a few days later, they confirmed that it was indeed his bird and had been around the house for several days after he was admitted to the hospital.  So it hadn’t been brought with him, or simply followed the family car. 

The pigeon succeeded somehow in travelling a hundred and twenty miles and locating the correct window, in the right building, in a strange town, at night and in a snowstorm

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Watson, Lyall

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