Some science behind the scenes


According to some descriptions we can separate the world into three – natural systems, ‘supernatural systems’ and man made systems. 

But when one looks at this area in detail ,the dividing line between supernatural and natural is hard to pin down.  Is something that happens to a bird for example – migration without any previous knowledge of its destination system, or the homing capabilities of a pigeon, supernatural or natural?

We still seem to classify behaviours and events which we cannot readily explain as 'supernatural' and those we think we have an explanation for as 'natural'.  This smacks just a dash of superstition.  Events, behaviour and actions, which occur to the world and the universe are all ‘natural’, irrespective of whether we think we have an explanation or not.  It is more than possible, for example, that even those behaviours we think we understand, we don’t. 

Many labels attached to events – ‘psi trailing’, for example do not actually help. Why label it as ‘psi’ trailing and give it a supernatural tag?  It is natural ,but apparently inexplicable, with the hypotheses we have developed about communication up to now.

The system is perfectly natural, we are just ignorant what that system is.

If we start to think of natural and supernatural systems this way, I think we might start to see that there is no distinction.  We actually ‘know’ pitifully little about how our natural world works, it is all supernatural in reality.


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