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Watson, Lyall - The Persian cat called Sugar



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Lyall Watson – Lifetide

Joseph Banks Rhine and his researchers at Duke University sifted through hundreds of cases of what they called ‘psi trailing’ in animals, trying to obtain precise verification. 

The one which most impressed them was that of a cream coloured Persian cat called Sugar who in 1951 seems to have trailed its owners across 1500 miles of mountainous country between California and Oklahoma. 

The family intended to take the cat with them, but it was afraid of cars and leapt from the window just as they were leaving Anderson at the northern end of the Sacramento valley.  They couldn’t catch him again, but 14 months later Sugar suddenly turned up, leaping through the window of their new home in Gage, Oklahoma. 

The cat had a deformity of the left hip which served as positive identification, easily recognised by a veterinarian.  Though how he crossed a desert, several canyons and the width of the Rocky Mountains remains a mystery

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Watson, Lyall

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