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Lethbridge, T C – ESP Beyond Time and Distance – They knew by the sixth sense



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T C Lethbridge – ESP Beyond Time and Distance

Are we to surmise that man learnt by trial and error that he must not eat deadly nightshade, henbane, and the other poisonous plants? Was the early road of mankind strewn with corpses of people who had tried eating various fruits out of altruistic regard for their fellows? Did men come up to one of their companions writhing in agony and say, 'What did you eat, old chap, so that we will know it another time?’

This seems most improbable. They knew by the sixth sense and traces of their knowledge remain to this day.

 Just as something buzzed near my head and told me the future winner of the Grand National, so something buzzed for prehistoric man and warned him not to eat Amanita phalloides, that most deadly of poisonous fungi.

Really good water-diviners, as I have said before, can tell without a rod where water lies, by the tingling in the nerve- ends of their fingers. I have little doubt that this faculty was much more developed in primitive men. Has anyone ever heard of a wild animal eating anything poisonous before man started scattering poisons broadcast?

But primitive man thought about what the sixth sense told him. When he was warned that something could kill him, he thought: 'Then I will not eat it’……..

Something outside themselves told them more than they could learn by direct observation. This something has to a large extent been cut off from us, but it is still available, even if at the moment we can only talk to it with a pendulum.

Our cat could not observe the other cat hunting on the hill 450 yards away, but it could sense it. The Manx shearwater [we experimented with and took to Canada] could not know where its chick was, but it was led unerringly back to it over thousands of miles of sea. People cannot know by any of the ordinary senses what will happen in a month's time, yet some do know.

 It is all part of one unexplored subject, which could be investigated on an infinitely wider scale than I can even think about, much less hope to do.


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