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DMT - PippUK - Synchronicity and a prayer



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I think he was thinking of this friend, and his open state meant it acted as a prayer.

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Extracted from Amazing Airbulb Invention – DMT - by PippUK Source EROWID

About two months ago I obtained two grams of DMT. I was elated, after several years of searching for it. I had really wanted it in the first place but had settled for various other dialkyl tryptamines over the past 3 years which had brought me a wealth of interesting and amazing experiences. …..

The package arrived one sunny April morning when I had a day off. I loaded a joint with a small dose of the white freebase powder and sparked it. An immediate warm buzzing around my neck and shoulders followed the bite of the harsh smoke on my lungs, and my vision gently morphed with fine horizontal seams like a venetian blind, each band tinting reality either red green or blue in alternating order. Intuitively I felt a sense of potential power, and significance although as the experience quickly dissipated I was strongly aware of the taste of plastic and protests of my long suffering lungs.

Five minutes or so afterwards an old friend from whom I had not heard for years phoned out of the blue to say they were moving abroad. I had heard talk about synchronicities on chatboards etc before but I tend to the skeptic side on such matters.

In my thoughts about why I have an interest in the matter of psychedelics, I take the view that you have to separate clearly in your mind the normal workaday life of a 21st century westerner, and the dreamworld that psychedelics can reveal. I don't believe in ghosts and ufo's etc during normal life. I remain a little wary of those believers with a glint in their eye who abandon their lives completely to the pursuit of one conspiracy or another.

But when I am under the influence of psychedelic drug, at a sufficient dose, the dream state I occupy appears to have certain rules and parameters which are different to those of the lucid state. Whether or not the word 'real' can be used in reference to a state where these different parameters apply is a moot point. When I am in such a state I may as well interact with it, if only in the interest of knowledge or novelty.

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