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Visions and moving objects on the death of General Henry Havelock-Allan



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Light (1898, page 55)

On the occasion of the death of General Henry Havelock-Allan, Major A. Romler, belonging to the brigade commanded by the general in question, reports a telepathic case that happened to him, with a vision of the scene in which the general died. After that, he adds this other paranormal episode coinciding with the general's own death.

One of the most impressive circumstances related to the death of the late General Henry Havelock-Allan - a death that took place in the bushes of Afridiland - is this mysterious coincidence that occurred in the barracks of the 2nd Northumberland Rifle Battalion, and precisely in the mess hall of the non-commissioned officers.

This battalion belonged to the volunteer brigade of the northwestern district of England, which had always been commanded by the lieutenant-general since the day of its formation. Major modifications had been made to the mess hall. After the restorations, it had been decorated with a superb portrait of the general, donated by Major Dr. H. Frazer Hust.

This portrait inexplicably detached itself from the wall, falling on the parquet floor at 3:40 a. m. on Wednesday, December 29. It was the time when the general had left his escort to continue alone on the way to Jamrud, through enemy territory.

The next day his body was found and the news was telegraphed to England. When the tragic news of his death reached Battalion Fusiliers, the sergeant-major and other military personnel present could not help but notice the connection with the incident that had occurred in the mess hall - an incident so strange and incomprehensible that the witnesses had taken note of the time and day when it happened.

It must be acknowledged that the coincidence is extraordinary and inexplicable, since the time when the general was massacred by the rebellious tribes is almost the same (although it is not possible to be absolutely certain), as when his portrait fell in the mess hall of the non-commissioned officers.


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Havelock-Allan, Sir Henry 1st Baronet

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