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McMoneagle, Joe - Finding General Dozier



Type of Spiritual Experience


Joe’s skills were attained via the most horrendous process of inexorable cumulative attrition – war from which psychological trauma resulted, physical abuse, attempted poisoning with a near death, extreme unhappiness from failing marriages and so on.  There may also have been some contribution from the damage done by his being premature, but I have not included this.  He gradually also acquired an extremely poorly heart and suffered numerous heart attacks, having to undergo surgery more than once.

This is pure out of body experience, but the distress of the General is acting like a homing beacon.  Thus there is a form of inter composer communication taking place which is helping to locate him.  The very high emotion generated by the situation is helping here 

The background to the experience is that General Dozier had been kidnapped and they were trying to find out where he was.

A description of the experience

from The Stargate Chronicles

During that RV session, I felt as though everything came together. I felt like I was locked solidly into my groove and whatever I was getting was pure signal line,  as we sometimes referred to the source of all information we received that we felt was accurate.  I started the session with an almost perfect image of a coastline, the right hand side of Italy toward the north. I then got a vivid image of mountains to the North and Northwest.   I began to feel as though I was actually floating over the area and could see as far or as much of what I wanted to see. One city along the coast looked somewhat familiar to me; I knew that I had been there.

I followed my instinct and began moving away from the coastal city due west along the main road toward what I sensed was the town from which he had been taken.  I felt like I was actually following the  track his kidnappers had originally taken; I was coming in on his location by following in their footsteps.

I suddenly found myself  hovering directly over a fairly large town not far from the coast and just south and southeast of a very large mountain range. I moved closer to the ground and began to pick out roadways and buildings.  I followed the roads and eventually found myself near a small central plaza,  across from some kind of a fountain, and picked up the smells of a butcher shop and the faint hint of a place where they did some kind of tanning, or worked with hides. I got an image of a very large apartment building and settled in on the second floor.  I came out of that session knowing that I could pretty much replicate the images and streets that I had seen.

Fred asked me to draw my visions and recollections, which I did.  I produced an overall map depicting the location of the city,  seemingly specific enough to say that the city was Padua (the older name for Padova, located inland from Venice).  My familiarity with the coastal city then made sense, as I had visited Venice numerous times and have always loved the city and the people.  It is my favorite city in Italy…………..

About 42 days after he had been taken,General Dozier was freed from his captives unharmed in Padua,  Italy.  All of my drawings were accurate and would have contributed significantly to finding the building and floor within which he was being held.  When General Dozier was later shown our materials, he stated that, in his opinion and with regard to his own memory, the material was significantly accurate and the more personal "thought-content" stunningly so. His only suggestion to our project manager at the time was to think about designing a short class where high-ranking U.S. military and civilians could be trained on how to think and what to think, while being held captive.

It was clear from his comments that information in our reports had originated within his own thoughts while he was being held blindfolded, tape across his mouth, being forced to listen to hard rock, heavy-metal music through headsets thousands of miles from our small RV rooms under the oaks at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The source of the experience

McMoneagle, Joe

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