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Russell, George William - What comes back to us from that high sphere loses beauty in its descent



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George Russell – AE

What comes back to us from that high sphere loses beauty in its descent, as Ishtar in the Chaldean Myth had crown and sceptre and the royalty of her robes taken from her when descending from heaven to earth.  ……

We only receive frail echoes in words, which do not hold at all or only a faint trace of the pristine and magical beauty, as in a muddy street may shine faintly in its weirdness the reflection of a star.

........for once consciousness was kindled in me in the deep of sleep.  I was in some profundity of being. 

There was neither sight nor sound, but all was a motion in deep being. 

Struggling desperately to remain there, I was being dragged down to the waking state and then what was originally a motion in deep being broke into a dazzle of images which symbolised in some dramatic way the motion of life in that profundity. 

And still being drawn down there came a third state in which what was originally deep own being and after that images, was later translated into words.

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Russell, George William

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