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Monroe, Robert - Locale II and its occupants



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What marks out all the disembodied souls that possess or attempt to communicate or are lost?  The majority are disturbed individuals – emotionally highly wrought for one reason or another. [ If they are not they are lost out of body explorers].

Robert Monroe visited these areas out of body a very large number of times – enough to know this was not an area he liked very much.  It was the area where one finds the religiously fanatic or the fanatic in other senses.  It can be a dangerous place.

The technology used was hemi-sync.

A description of the experience

Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

This implies that the areas of Locale II nearest the physical world in vibratory frequency are peopled for the most part with insane or near insane, emotionally driven beings.  For the most part, this seems to be true.  They include those alive but asleep or drugged and out in their second bodies and quite probably those who are ‘dead’ but still emotionally driven.  There is evidence to support the former and the latter seems probable.

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Monroe, Robert

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