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Ball, Dr Martin - Throat singing



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A series of observations partly obtained by using salvia divinorum, but showing that the addition of the singing, once he had mastered it and once the spirit of the sage had taught him, took him to different areas of consciousness.

A description of the experience

Sage Spirit -  Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience – Dr Martin Ball

Letting the strange taffy mixer vision fade, I felt compelled to throat sing.  The urge was strong.  The tones wanted to come out.  I felt inhibited at first, though, as I didn’t want to impose my experience on others by vocalising.  I got over it and began to vocalise anyway.

It was amazing.  I immediately understood techniques to manipulate overtones in a way I had never understood before.  I was able to easily find the precise locations of the overtone notes as determined by the precise position of my tongue.  I found that I could really produce melodies with these notes and it was akin to a scale, though not a normal one.  I could hear Tuvan melodies.  I visualised the roof of my mouth as like a keyboard or flute.  I went through the scale again and again.  I could have gone on for hours like that.  It’s something that I intend to work on.  I can’t overemphasise how impressed I was and how this experience has revolutionised my understanding of throat and overtone singing techniques.  I can’t wait to explore this more.........

The voice/thought that spoke in my mind came with a physical presence of a Tuvan/Siberian throat singing shaman character that was ready to sing through my voice – Mark later described my singing as Inuit after a sage session at his house – but it was hard for me to do it, his register and technique was different from my own and he was pulling me into a different space.  As I’ve felt before, it was pushing in my throat, reconfiguring me for better vibrations, clearer sound, more resonant, I felt unworthy, as I couldn’t make all the sounds as smoothly as he would have me, but he was teaching me, showing me.  I felt empowered, like a shamanic spirit is there.  It just flows out of the sound.  It’s no wonder that I’ve gotten such strong reactions from others when singing like this – something IS coming out,,,,,

We bounced through different patterns and vibrations, layers upon layers, finally settling down into a smooth melody with rapid, but soft drum pulses.  Gradually he passed away and it was more me directing it all...........

 … But then my voice changed to where I wasn’t making the low vibrations so that it was just my normal voice, but it wasn’t my voice at all.  I was still tone singing, but not in a way that I’ve ever done before.  It was completely natural however.  My voice took on the sound of an old Native American man, and the song chanted out of me, just flowing, not my voice, not my voice.

Still overtones, but different.  Not my voice!

I sang like that for a long time and eventually stopped.  I can’t make that sound again.  I can’t repeat that song that came out …...

 So, smoked more sage.  High resonant tones this time.  It was just pure tone light, flowing out of my mouth and throat.  Not even changing, just this pure crystalline sound.  It vibrated my nasal passages and made me cough a little – strange.  Kept going…..

More sage

An utter wailing sound comes out.  Just lamenting, wailing, anguishing………

The source of the experience

Ball, Dr Martin

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