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Lethbridge, T C - The Power of the Pendulum – The Siamese cat



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T C Lethbridge – The Power of the Pendulum

We have a Siamese cat and this almost completely wild animal is a great hunter. On most mornings before we get up she comes into the bedroom and goes to sleep on the end of the bed. One morning she sat up with a jerk and began to scan thecorner of the room. She seemed to fix a bearing, jumped off the bed and ran out of the open door. In about three minutes she was back with a short-tailed field vole, which she devoured with horrid noises under the bed.

Now, on her line of bearing, there is a grassy bank beside the lane, about twenty-five yards from where she was sleeping. To get there she had to run along a passage in the opposite direction, across a big bedroom, down the backstairs, across the kitchen, out of the window, through a small court, round two sides of the house and then across a yard. It seemed clear that she had picked up the position of the vole in her sleep and then fixed this on her waking mind. At least two mental levels were involved. She kept that bearing in her mind through several changes in direction and knew exactly where the vole was.

It had no chance of escape. This has happened several times since then, and the same revolting ritual feast has taken place beneath our bed.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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