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Alain Danielou - While the Gods Play - On Siddhis [magic powers]



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Commentary on the Samkhya-Karika, 23

The Yogi who has perfected the Siddhi(s) thus acquires powers "which belong to the gods" (aishvarya) and which are essentially the power of vision (drikshakti) or power of knowledge (jnana-shakti), that is to say, omniscience, as well as the powers of action (kriya-shakti), which are nine in number:

  • Anima (atomization), enabling the perception of the infinitely small, the structures of atoms
  • Mahima (immensity), enabling one to see the exterior, the structures of the galaxies
  • Garima (gravity), permitting one to assume an enormous weight
  • Laghima (lightness), permitting levitation
  • Prapti (obtainment), permitting one to obtain an object wherever it might be
  • Prakamya (at will), enabling one to transport oneself to any location
  • Ishitva (dominion), the power of control over the natural world, enabling one to arrest wind, provoke rain or storms, etc.
  • Vashitva (holding in one's power), permitting one to have power over any being; hypnotism is an elementary form of it
  • Yatrakamavasayitva (transformation at will), allowing the adept to take on any form, that of a god, a giant, a blade of grass

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