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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 33 Automatic drawing experiments - Leonardo da Vinci



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The Link – Matthew Manning

It might well be asked, do I ask these artists questions in English or their own language? How do I ask Albrecht Durer to draw through me, for example? He was not only German, but also died in 1628, meaning that he spoke "old-German" rather than contemporary German. Leonardo da Vinci was Italian and died in 1529.

Whenever I do these automatic drawings, and want a particular artist, I just concentrate all my thoughts on the artist. I think of nothing else but the artist concerned. I am not in any trance state and perfectly aware of everything going on around me. However, I have been blind-folded on occasions and the results were often very sub-standard, which I find curious. Why, if these drawings are executed automatically, can I not produce good work without the use of my eyes?

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Manning, Matthew

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