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Camille Flammarion - L'Inconnu (The Unknown) – The nurse who saw the dead husband of Mrs B de L of Lacapelle by the bed of her dying daughter



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Camille Flammarion: L'Inconnu (The Unknown). Mrs. B. de L., of Lacapelle, writes to Mr. Flammarion:

As quoted in Ernesto Bozzano - Psychic phenomena at the moment of death [110 cases suggesting survival after death]

I had a 15 year old daughter, who was my pride and joy. During a short trip, I left her with my mother. I had to be back on May 17, 1894. On the night of the 17th, I dreamt that my daughter was seriously ill, that she was calling me and crying. I woke up very agitated, repeating to myself the proverbial phrase that " Nothing is true , nothing is false; everything is dream and lie".

During the day, I received a letter from my daughter informing me about domestic affairs, without complaining about anything. The next day, when I arrived home, I did not see my daughter coming to meet me. The maid told me that a sudden indisposition had seized her. I went upstairs to her room and found her suffering from a severe headache. I put her to bed immediately.

Alas! she didn't get up again! Two days later an ‘angine membraneuse’  [probably what we now call pharyngitis] broke out, and despite the care provided, she died on May 29.

Two nights before the tragedy, I was lying on a bed separated by a door to my daughter's room. I had closed my eyes, but I didn't sleep, my daughter had fallen asleep, and the nurse was watching. Suddenly a bright light, comparable to the midday sun in August, lit up the room. I immediately called the nurse, who was slow to answer. During this delay, I hastened to my daughter's bedside, but the light had gone out.

The nurse seemed shocked and didn't answer my questions. The next day she told close friends, and kept repeating to everyone, that she had seen my husband, who had died six months earlier, at the foot of my daughter's bed. The nurse is 46 years old and is still alive, ready to rehearse the story to anyone who wants to hear it.

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Flammarion, Camille

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