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Lilly, John - Looking into a room filled with golden light



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John C Lilly – The Center of the Cyclone

I went with this effect, realising then that I was in trance …...........

Suddenly, even though my eyes were closed, I was looking into a room filled with golden light.  I saw a huge chandelier, an immensely beautiful chandelier, hanging from the ceiling.  I was filled with warm loving feelings and a sense of childish delight and wonder at the beauty of this chandelier in this golden room.  I felt the way I had in childhood at the prospect of seeing a palace like those recounted in fairy stories.  The chandelier had prismatic crystal pieces, hundreds of them hanging around the lights in the chandelier.  The light being emitted was a soft glow.

After this experiment was over, I called up California and asked my former guide what had happened to her at 3pm. 

She said 'At five minutes to three, I looked at the clock and realised that I had to pick up the children from school.  I started down the stairs and looked at the chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the stairwell.  I was overcome with a sense of its immense beauty and took a childish delight in admiring it and seeing its fabulous palace-like quality.  I skipped on down the stairs watching it as I went, admiring it and thoroughly enjoying this experience'.

I then told her what had happened at the same time to me at a distance of twelve hundred miles away.  She was delighted and we agreed to meet for further exchange when I got back to California.

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Lilly, John

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