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Messing, Wolf - The control of the mind of Professor Leopold Gavrilov



Type of Spiritual Experience


Sasha was Tatiana Lungin’s son

A description of the experience

Wolf Messing –the true story of Russia’s greatest psychic – Tatiana Lungin

Sasha .. entered Pirogov Medical Institute, while working part time with the ambulance service.  There was no limit to my happiness. Sasha was also happy, but one storm cloud shaded his bright horizon. A certain anatomy professor, Professor Leopold Gavrilov, came to detest Sasha for some reason Sasha was never able to find out. Gavrilov always singled him out, failed him on two small exams, and made snide, demeaning comments to him at every opportunity.

Once he ran into my son while he was by himself and continued his persecution.

"Lungin, you’d be better off leaving the institute," he said.  "You'll never pass my subject. That I promise you."

Sasha lost his head when he heard this. He had matriculated to his second course of study, and his final exam in anatomy, his most difficult subject, was drawing near.

It seemed to me Sasha was exaggerating his poor relations with the professor, but I told Messing about the problem and that particular incident. Wolf gave me his full attention, and then suddenly began talking on a totally unrelated topic. I knew then if Wolf diverted from a subject, nothing could bring him back to it. It appeared he wasn't in the mood to discuss the problem, the subject was never brought up again, and I figured Wolf had forgotten it.

The day of the examination arrived, a quiet, sunny day. Sasha left in an agitated frame of mind. I busied myself around the house, and had just decided to make him something special for dinner when the telephone rang.

"Taibele! It's disgraceful, understand! I can’t work like this”

It was Wolf, obviously preoccupied with something. "Sasha will call. Tell him to stop fretting; he's disturbing me. Tell him that I'm with him."

"Wolf Grigoryevich, there's no way he'll be able to call” I said in amazement. "He's at an exam."

"This isn't Wolf Grigoryevich speaking, but Messing! He will call!"

I knew from long experience that if he made this ritualistic statement, it was useless to argue with him. I said ”All right," then hung up.

The telephone rang again almost immediately. I thought Wolf was calling back to explain something, but I was wrong.  It was Sasha.

"Mama, there's no use even taking the exam," he told me.

"Gavrilov just walked out and in front of everybody said, 'Don't forget, Lungin, you'll be taking your oral exam with me! '  You should have seen his bloodthirsty face .I don’t know what to do."

I could tell by his voice that he was headed for a breakdown.

I tried to soothe him.

"Wolf just called and said to tell you not to worry," I said.

"He's in mental contact with you and will support you."

Sasha sighed, grateful, of course, but he found it hard to believe Wolf could help him. He decided to take the exam anyway.

Upset, I quickly threw on some clothes and left for the institute. Thank God it wasn't far from home; I was there within the hour. As I climbed the main staircase I saw my Sasha coming down. His face was the colour of his white lab coat. He nervously told me that he got a "B." I couldn't believe it.

Sasha, transported with delight, said, "Mama, I know what Wolf can do, but this!" he began. "Gavrilov stared straight at me for an hour and never saw me. It was as if I wasn't there. It's a miracle! I waited for another professor to be free, a senior lecturer at the next table, and took my exam under Gavrilov's nose.  I can imagine how furious he will be. Go upstairs and wait for me, and I'll be back in a flash with some wine."

Curious, I peered into the examination room. There were scores of corpses preserved in formaldehyde, used by students taking examinations. There was also a semicircle formed by five tables with teachers sitting at them. Each student in his turn proceeded to a table, where an examiner administered the test. An energetic, red-haired man sat in the center. This was obviously Gavrilov, who exactly fit Sasha's description of him.

He walked out on the landing and asked the students if everyone completed the examination. A chorus of young voices answered “yes”.

"Not everyone has," the scientist growled sullenly. "Lungin hasn't taken it yet."

Everyone excitedly affirmed that he did indeed complete it and that they had seen his grade of "B." The professor raised his fiery brows in astonishment.

"How did he pass?" he demanded. "It can't be. Who gave him the exam? "The students gave him the other lecturer's name, and Gavrilov hurried into the lab to check. He returned snarling, I realized Sasha had not exaggerated this professor's ire, and that this could have been his last examination in medicine. I also saw Wolf's psychic "hand" in this incident, and was thrilled. My son soon returned victorious, carrying two bottles of red wine.

The source of the experience

Messing, Wolf

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