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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 28 Thomas Penn diagnoses his granny's problems



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The Link – Matthew Manning

One communicator who has interested me is a gentleman named Thomas Penn, who appears to have been/is a doctor. He does not claim to cure, but seems able to diagnose illnesses. I cannot decide whether he was/is a doctor or an astrologer, but he is a person who consistently writes intelligently and constructively, and furthermore it would seem very accurately. He will only write diagnoses for me but does not reveal information concerning his life.

Thomas Penn started writing one day when I was not really intent on writing automatically, but wondering about the ailing condition of my grandmother. My pen went across the paper:

"Please may I take the liberty of asking the birth date of your grandmother as it will help me. Do you consider the trouble mental or physical?"

I wrote down her date of birth and also that I believed her illness to be mental, whereupon the following message was written:

"Although the effects are great on Vuna Manning the cause is relatively simple. Basically her weak points are legs, ankles, thin bones, blood and circulation. Great care should be taken to keep the digestion working properly. She will be fit and well when living in a life of harmony; if worried her physical reactions will be quick.

"Her main problem at this time is an illness known as neurasthenia which at present she is recovering from. Accordingly she will suffer from loss of weight with poor digestion and irregular action of the bowels. Vague pains in any part of the body are complained of, and insomnia is common. She lacks self-confidence, cannot concentrate and worries over trifling matters. She may be querulous or given to brooding. Now, I can do little myself, but treatment will entail complete change, rest, and tonics are necessary. Cure may take several weeks.

"I cannot see clearly now, but she is suffering from an innocent tumour (neuromas tumour). This has been overlooked by the hospital and should be X-rayed. It is affecting her gliomas. Thomas Penn."

Perhaps this message is not a fair indicator of the accuracy of his information, since I already knew roughly what was wrong with my grandmother. Everything that Thomas Penn said was, or could be, wrong with my grandmother, in fact was proven to be so.

The medical terms used in the message point to the fact that the origin of this automatic writing is outside my own mind. I have no medical knowledge, and would not be competent to diagnose a condition with such phrases. (I still do not know what a "gliomas" is.)

Nobody had any knowledge or suspected that my grandmother might be suffering from a tumour, although when it was suggested to us by Penn, it sounded quite feasible. The hospital was persuaded by us to X-ray her head and to check whether there was anything physically wrong with her brain. After they had X-rayed her brain, they would not reveal whether in fact there was a tumour, nor did they deny it.

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Manning, Matthew

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