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McMoneagle, Joe - Finds a Soviet plane in Zaire



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Joe’s skills were attained via the most horrendous process of inexorable cumulative attrition – war from which psychological trauma resulted, physical abuse, attempted poisoning with a near death, extreme unhappiness from failing marriages and so on.  There may also have been some contribution from the damage done by his being premature, but I have not included this.  He gradually also acquired an extremely poorly heart and suffered numerous heart attacks, having to undergo surgery more than once.

It is impossible to say which of the two routes open to Joe were used on this occasion.  He could have gone out of body and homed in on the spot, but there is also the possibility that inter composer communication is taking place with for example a person who either has a sneaking or very good suspicion of where it is or who themselves has gone out of body.  So, for example, suppose Ingo Swann had gone out of body and located it, all the other members of the team may have homed in on his finding via inter-composer communication.

Given that the villagers also knew of where the wreck was there is also the extremely remote possibility of a very long chain of bridges from the villagers to other villagers and eventually through to an agent or searcher.   You do not have to be conscious of being a bridge to be a bridge

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from The Stargate Chronicles

The continuing Iran hostage problem weighed heavily on us and we continued to pump out the remote viewing in support of NSC requirements. We were also tasked with other problems of an operational nature and national import - one of which was later discussed openly by President Carter.

During a presentation to a group of college students in 1995, he talked about a missing Soviet aircraft that had gone down over the central African Congo, Zaire.  The Soviet bomber was thought to be carrying nuclear weapons or other technology which would prove beneficial to anyone who could locate it - not only U.S. and other country's intelligence agencies, but terrorist organizations as well. So, there were a lot of people looking for this aircraft for some period of time.

Given the square miles involved, and the difficulty of the terrain, it was difficult finding the aircraft even with the aid of overhead surveillance and photography.  Search after search failed. It was brought to the Grill Flame project as a target.  This would be the perfect test. If no one else could find it, it would take some extraordinary means to locate the remains of the wreckage.

Mel, Ken, and I placed the aircraft in a specific area of Zaire, our three locations overlapping a thirteen-kilometer circle. A location given by one of the remote viewers from SRI also put it within that circle. Search teams were sent into the area and the plane was located within a kilometer of the location given by the SRI remote viewer.   All locations were within eight kilometers of the crash site. Search teams on the ground said as soon as they entered the circled area on the map they began encountering natives on the trail carrying pieces of the wreck to use in the construction or reinforcement of their village huts.

This one case was publicly known to have reached at least a presidential level of interest. It also belies later CIA claims that remote viewing information was never used as standalone information or used at national levels of intelligence importance

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McMoneagle, Joe

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