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Thomas, John F - Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival - The Wedding



Type of Spiritual Experience


There is no proof of survival here, Mrs Soule in her trance state is penetrating his perceptions at quite a deep level.

The notes come from the Rhines.

A description of the experience

Case Studies Bearing Upon Survival – John F Thomas


Only once during their married life did Mr. and Mrs. T. attend a church wedding together. This was the ceremony for one of the daughters of an associate of Mr. T. The daughter's name was Margaret. The wedding was in a small Episcopal church, in which Mr. and Mrs. T. had been only two or three times in their twenty years in Detroit, since they were Congregationalists, themselves. From Mrs. Soule's control on January 17, 1928, Mr. T. took the following notes:

 “Sees a church inside--one we went to see for a wedding-not in the family but someone we knew-not a very big church-minister in a robe, Episcopalian. You aren't an Episcopalian. Did your wife go with you?


Holds up a letter. Don't think it is Helen. Looks something like an H or K. She smiles at me, she makes it so many times in the air it gets lost in the air. Do you know a Mabel? I saw a Mar-Mary-Not Margaret is it?"

 Since the date of this wedding, there has been erected on the site a large modern city church, of which the chapel where the ceremony was held now forms the rear portion. The attendance of the T.'s was entirely casual and not noteworthy in any way. It was so incidental in their lives that Mr. T. had no especial recollection of it and did not recognize the pertinence of the points until the control reached the question:" Did your wife go with you? "There are many other cases in the records similar to this one in that the subject matter is incidental and hidden, but relevant and reported with sufficient clearness. Mr. T. has a list of over three hundred such cases.

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Thomas, Dr John F

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