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I dream I'm being raped, by people I know or by aliens



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Inter composer communication

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I'm diagnosed with an epileptic thing, not causing me physical epileptic seizures, but rather, some kind of internal issues and all transfers to the fact that I have important sleeping issues like sleep paralysis, or I may shout in the middle of the night.

When I get sleep paralysis, I can't move, but sometimes my eyes are open and I don't get scared anymore. I know it's sleep paralysis, but I may start hallucinating and that's where things may look wicked. I may see people who may interact with me in a "telepathic" conversations and sometimes a rational conversation. In other cases, there are real people around me and I may also dream that I can hear what they are imagining at that very moment. It's a shame I'm unable to answer back because my body is paralyzed, but that would be a very interesting theory (are those telepathic voices I hear real? I'm afraid I will never know).

Finally, the ugly part of this story is that sometimes I may dream I'm being raped, by people I know or by aliens. It's ugly because I have my eyes open, and it feels realistic. Nevertheless, since it's a lucid dream (very lucid by the way) if I had more brain power maybe I would be able to imagine the person raping me as someone I'm attracted to, to make it feel nice, but I'm not still in that level. Note: i have never been raped in real life, so these issues just come because i have this epileptic issue, I guess

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