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Blithe spirit - The Raven and the Dove



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Some amazing omens I ought to know the meaning of, but at the moment am too worn out to work out.  I've decided to just enjoy them and stuff the symbolism.

Last week very very dark sky then a single clap of thunder - just one, - enough to shake the windows and make xxxxxxxx bark; no lightning and then a hail storm.  If I was of a frivolous turn of mind [which as you know I am not]  I would have said that papa zeus was sending me an almighty "all hail", but it was about an inch thick when it was done and then the sky cleared.

Since then birds, birds singing, bouncing on the window.

And today the ultimate - a crow/raven and a collared dove.

And the dove was beautiful and stayed all day flying against the window, whilst the crow or raven just talked at me through the other window.  Bounced up and down but was level with me because the lawn is level with the window sill in the library and just peered through the window with no fear and talked at me.  I didn't understand a word, but there was no aggression.  The dove just fluttered and then landed, fluttered and landed, it was quite enchanting.  Just like a dance.

Now they've gone and I am quite sad.

Think I'll read some Leonard Cohen, he's better at these things than I am.


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Blithe spirit

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