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Dr Eugene Osty – A Summary of Eighty séances around a single case history – 05 November 3rd 1917 to November 25th 1918



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

November 3rd, 1917.

A friend of a sister-in-law of a friend of M. M.'s, who knew nothing of the circumstances and was not acquainted with M. M.'s family, was asked to interview Mlle A. B., a metagnomic subject at Charentes, with an article belonging to Jean.

"This young man is very-weak . . . he is called Jean. . . . He is in a large house. . . . I see many sick persons there. The doctors give him much attention . . a little less, however, than at his first arrival . his comrades are kind to him . he has lost his memory. . They say, ' What is your name? 'He has forgotten it . . .he who was so intelligent cannot count five . but his memory will return when he sees his parents."

November 15th, 1917.

M. Pierre M., younger brother of Lieut. Jean, aged nineteen, went for the first time to M. d; Fl., and put no question. M. de Fl. has seen his father twice, but had had no confidences from him. Pierre M. does not resemble his father at all. In the course of a delineation of Pierre's life, the percipient said:

"Your brother is in grave danger. . . . I see a great circle with red flashes; this indicates something very serious, but it is not fatal. I have no impression of deathlike cold. This man must have been a long while comatose . there will be no news for a long while. . I do not see a final separation between you and him. It seems to me that you should see him again."

June 24th, 1918.

Mme G., seance with Mme M.; she gave her an object belonging to the lieutenant. (The same object has never been used twice, during the long series of trials and with any of the sensitives.)

"This man is lying down, he is not ill . . they will see him again soon, very soon. His memory is returning. I see him soon to be happy Oh, yes, quite happy. He will return. I see a series of moves, long and trying, stoppages;-then he comes into a hilly country : . there is rest arid great joy to find his own people again . then, after some days, he returns home."

Mme G. then put into her hands a letter from Pierre (Pierre M.,-the lieutenant's brother, was a medical student recently mobilized, and at the time of the seance was in garrison at Grenoble). The sensitive described Pierre and the military life he was leading. Then she said;

"The most salient fact about this young man is that he is in relation with the one I have just seen. . . . I have a clear vision of the person I have Just before spoken of . he seems to be a relation, a brother. But he will not see that brother in the town where he now is . . he will go to meet him. He cannot pass the frontier. . . ."

November 25th, 1918.

Mme G. places in the hands of Mme M- an object belonging to the lieutenant.

"This young man is now in a mountainous country, he has arrived there quite recently. He returns very soon . he will write I see his early return, then his meeting with a man, like his father then there comes a very young man, like his brother. Then he finds all his own people."

Mme G. places in her hands a letter from Pierre. The sensitive gives perfectly correct details of Pierre's present life, and continues to see great joy over the return of a brother and mentions also another happiness, a project of marriage. This latter much disquieted Mme G., who dared not speak of it to M. M., fearing some student's escapade.

But the fact was that Pierre was deeply in love with Mme G.'s own daughter, unknown to the whole family, and married her in, 1921. This struck a happy note in the family tragedy.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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