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Dadaji - Astral projects to Calcutta from Allahabad



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David Scott Rogo - Leaving the Body: A Complete Guide to Astral Projection

This account was obtained from Osis and Haraldsson

Early in 1970, Dadaji was visiting some devotees in Allahabad, a city 400 miles from his home, when he suddenly announced that he was going to the prayer room of the house. When he emerged some time later, he told his followers that he had astral-projected to Calcutta and had visited the home of a devotee's sister-in-law. He urged the group to contact the woman and verify his story.

His followers did so and found that, at the same time he had secluded himself in their own prayer room, he had indeed been seen in Calcutta. The woman's family related how the guru had initially materialized in the room of their daughter, who was herself one of his disciples. She recognized him immediately, which shocked and surprised her no end. His sudden and initially transparent appearance caused her to scream, which alerted the rest of the family to his arrival.

His figure was seen by several of the family, including the head of the house-hold, who had been a total skeptic until he saw the mysterious figure sitting in the girl's room.

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