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Dr Eugene Osty – A Summary of Eighty séances around a single case history – 02 April 2nd 1916 to May 5th 1916



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Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

April 2nd,, 1916.

M. Louis M. received official notice of his son's death; and at the same time he learned that his comrades had seen him fall in the action, struck by a bullet in the forehead, that the Germans had occupied the ground during the night, and that in the morning a French counter-attack retook the ground. All the dead belonging to the M. Jean's battalion were found, including the colonel, only the body of Jean M. being missing. It is easy to understand that M. M.'s hope became stronger.

April 14th, 1916.

M. M. asked one of his friends to have a seance with Mme M_, putting into her hands an article belonging to his son. She said:

"I see a young man (described) he has been wounded in the head quite recently, his brain is injured . . .he is in a cold place. . . .he will recover and will write."

May 4th, 1916.

M. M. went to Mlle ds B--, an excellent subject in the waking state, They had never before met, and did not know each other. Without any question being put, she said:

"One of your sons has recently been wounded by a bullet in the forehead, about 4 p.m., above the left eye . he had no other wound he has not been trodden upon . he fell on his back at once in coma, without suffering pain. . He must have been taken up four hours later towards 8 p.m. His name was taken from his papers by a big, surly German, not ill-natured . . he has been in high fever. Snow fell on him covering his body and staunching the blood from his wound. Others who are thought to be dead are round him, but are not dead. . . . :He is now in the invaded region, in a flying ambulance, his head bandaged He must have got the goodwill of some one in the ambulance, he is not unhappy. He will soon be removed, perhaps towards Germany. Evacuation lists are being prepared, and official news will come from Germany, perhaps in June, in July at latest. He will recover completely, there will be no brain-trouble. No Frenchman touched him after he fell . . . the witnesses who thought him dead have hardly seen him. . . ,"

May 5th, 1916.

M. M. had a seance with Mme M- at 11 a.m. She said:

"I see a young man in a comatose state, one would say that he breathes no more. . . . His hearts beats, however, and he moves his hand a little . . . I see him in a well-lit room, stretched on something soft, his head covered with bandages. He is surrounded by strangers . . . you will soon have indirect news of him. . He will write later. . I see him walking . . he will surely come back. The wound is crosswise above the left eye, going into his hair . . the wound will leave a scar, His brain will recover."

On the same day, at 2 p.m., M. M. went for the first time to Mme Fr., a very good subject in the waking state. On the preceding day I had put into Mme Fr.'s hands a letter from Lieut. Jean M., asking her to state the future of the writer. Her answer was:

"There is no future for this person, he is dead."

I could not be so cruel as to repeat this to M. M. I let him think that I had been unable to meet Mme.-Fr., and advised him to let her use her powers for himself. This is what she said to him:

"Your son has been wounded in the head a short time since, above the left eye, on the forehead. There is also some injury to the right shoulder, a wound or a blow. He is now in a well-lit room, and facing his window there is a large black wall which depresses him. He was moved far at first, in a flying ambulance . . he is now in quiet, not having been moved for fifteen days. His recovery will be slow, despite an appearance of rapid recovery after his return. His understanding will be clear, but he will long remain irritable, nervous and unequal. "Just now he is very thin. You will get official news in the middle of the summer. A little later he will write a card. The official news from Germany will be incomplete and will only say that-your son was picked up and cared for from-the first, without saying what has- happened to him since. They will leave this unsaid. Proceedings will be taken to restore him before the end of the war, and will probably come to fruition at the close of summer or at the end of the year. You will go to meet him."

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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