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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi – Telepathic information, and subjective or objective science



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From Energetic Medicine: New Science of Healing by Aymen Fares,  July 26th, 2011 ·

Question: Could you explain a little bit about what you mean by subjective and objective science?
Dr Motoyama: Objective science means we can understand or observe something from a common base with other people. Sometimes also objective means the science that is based on the sense perceptions. For example, I can see this cup: you can see it also, and this means we can say it is objective. But the subjective is always there. For example we both see this cup but perhaps you perceive it differently from me according to your subjective feeling and understanding which is different from mine. We can say the same thing about intuition or telepathy. Sometimes people say that intuition is very subjective, but I don’t think so. If you have the same ability as I have, you can, for example, see the same kind of spiritual entity as I do, so sometimes during meditation with my disciples and students we receive the same kind of telepathic information. That means some activity common to all, doesn’t it? So there are many meanings of objective and subjective.

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Motoyama, Dr Hiroshi

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