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Youtube video - Korean Shaman (무당) - Possession by the Spirit of Changun and riding the chaktu



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There are one or two comments in the thread for this that are worth reading as they contradict some of the commentary and add additional insight into the process.  For example

"I am a black shaman with extensive depossession experience and exorcisms; this is not a warlord possessing her body, its her own warrior past life body soul fragment returning. The dead cannot possess a human and then just leave, it would be permanent and her eyes would go black or red. Dead Ancestors who are Light would never posses. This is outdated of how human's multiple astral bodies work. Possession even for strong shamans is not taken lightly and her just talking and living a mundane life shows."

In other words this shaman believes she is actually possessed by a former Personality, as such this might be better classified as multiple personality.

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Youtube video - Korean Shaman (무당) - Possession by the Spirit of Changun

Korean shamans (mudang 무당) discuss entering trances and undergoing possession by the spirits of warrior generals (changun 장군). During their possession rituals (kut 굿), the mudang climb sharp blades (chaktu), deliver divinations, and throw charms to their audiences. By Shai and Liora Sarfati.

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Korean mystic shamanism

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