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Spiritual concepts

Multiple Personality

[This section is also referenced by that on the Higher spirit, Personality and Memory]

In order to be able to see how Multiple Personality fits in to the overall function of the Mind see The Model of the Mind.

Multiple Personality is where a single body during its life acquires more than one Personality. Each Personality that the body has continues to contribute to the Perceptions, and each belongs to the single body. BUT, each has its own Memory, its own Database of remembered facts, and its own model of the universe and Learnt function; and each belongs to only one Higher spirit.

The Personalities do not operate simultaneously, but sequentially. As one Personality takes over from the other, it learns and builds up knowledge in its own separate Memory, but it lays down Perceptions in the one Perceptions log. In effect, the Perception log remains a sequential record of everything that happened to that body, but the Memory is disjointed and fragmented because more than one Memory exists.

There is one ‘core Personality’ which appears to be the one the body was given on birth, but thereafter the body experiences one or more ‘rebirths’ and a new Personality is spawned. These rebirths are usually triggered by extreme trauma – abuse and torment. Although as with all these cases there can be exceptions.

In the diagram below I have shown Memory as a little green cylinder to show the effect.


All the functions that one may think of as autonomic – so bodily functions, for example, are shared.

Emotions, Perception, Sensory functions, the 5 sense functions, the Command and control system and so on because they are core functions remain as single functions to be activated as need be, but all Learnt function is kept with Memory. Because our behaviour patterns are learnt, behaviour patterns go with Memory and are Learnt function. 

We may learn how to flirt, to tease, to show courtesy, we may learn how to behave in parties or special occasions, we may learn how to deal with aggressors or discourtesy, and we may learn discourtesy.

Thus all Learnt functions [of which there are usually a huge number] belong with Memory itself and to Personality. I have tried to show this in the much simplified diagram below. Core functions are outside the pink box, but all the Personality based functions - the Learnt functions are in the box along with the Database of facts we use. This conjoined Personality based system of Memory may be repeated for any one body and is certainly repeated over multiple lives.

Each Personality, whether active or inactive, has access to the same Perceptions, so it means that each Personality can learn language, to read and write, to behave in certain ways, but it may as a consequence of its Personality not learn the same functions or behave in the same way. Thus it will appear to be a complete person with distinct behavioural characteristics, and its Learnt functions will be different from another Personality’s Learnt functions – because it is a different Personality!

Multiple Personalities and Possession 

Looking at the case studies below it became clear to me that unless extremely rigorous and detailed analysis has been undertaken of each person, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a person having multiple personalities and a person who is ‘possessed’. Possession does exist, but I suspect that a number of cases of possession in bygone times were actually multiple personalities.

In the case of Multiple Personality, the additional Personalities created are spawned from a core personality, and share perceptions whereas possession does appear to be a take-over of a body by additional Personalities who are not spawned but have existed separately from the core Personality. They have their own Perceptions and their own Higher spirit.

A possessed person exhibits many of the same symptoms as the person with multiple personality disorder, but the Personality that takes them over may be older, have language skills or abilities that could not have been acquired with the Perceptions available to the person through the Higher spirit. They also demonstrate Personality characteristics that are totally at odds with the core Personality.

But the subject is hugely complex as I think most people are aware.


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