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A Lucid dream using Casimiroa edulis



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I don't think the use of the bridge of Casimiroa edulis  made much difference but I've put it in anyway

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Extract from Lucid Dreaming - Casimiroa edulis - by Lamm Source EROWID

Age of subject 48 in good health and does weight training and running regularly. I was staying at an hotel one day - I travel a lot because of my work - and I had with me some capsules with zapote blanco seed powder, and I took one before going to sleep..

After approximately 3 to 4 hours later I began feeling 'sleep paralysis', .. I tried not to fight it but let it happen. I felt as if someone was gently caressing my forearm and hand, and I remember opening my eyes and suddenly watching a hand first, and then an arm 'materialize', and almost immediately a woman appeared and I began to have a conversation with her. Then later two kids appeared -a boy and a girl- and I also had a few words with them. All that happened seemed as if I was awake. The experience was not scary in any way, and somehow I 'knew' that these people were dead…... I had tried calea zacatechichi sometimes before with no remarkable dreams, just more vivid.

The next morning I asked a staffer of the hotel, whom had worked there for several years, if he knew of anyone that had died in or near the hotel. I found out that 2 or 3 years back a family with two kids had died in a crash with a large truck half a block from there.

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