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Girard, Jean-Pierre - Induced metal bending



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In the presence of a ‘strong’ metal-bender, the ‘power’ is sometimes transmitted to other people, who temporarily ‘produce’ deformations of metal objects in their own hands. This I shall term ‘induction’.

Typically, at Uri Geller’s television performances or press conferences, he would attempt deformation of cutlery or latchkeys and would ask the audience themselves to concentrate on bending something, whether it be an item in their own pockets or hands, or the object which he himself was trying to deform. Several times in my experience someone in the audience came forward with a bent object, reporting that they felt it bend in their own hand, and sometimes that they saw it bend there. The frequency of such events cannot yet be estimated. Scattered around the world are journalists whose latchkeys have bent in their own hands. To some extent, a journalist could be regarded as a sceptical observer.

In sessions with Jean-Pierre Girard, similar induction effects have been reported. Some of the people involved are technologists, some are journalists, some are scientists of distinction: it is unlikely that they are all fooling themselves or being fooled.

In Italy and Spain successful attempts at induction have been made on television and radio by charismatic entertainers.

At this stage it is premature to attempt an answer to the question of how far it is the inducer and how far it is the induced person who is ‘responsible’ for the bend; it might even be someone else entirely. Usually the member of the audience finds that he cannot repeat the performance on his own, but there have been many instances of child metal-benders starting in this way, documented in Britain and Japan.

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Girard, Jean Pierre

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