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Romano, Jacques - The power of suggestion



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The Jacques Romano story – Dr Berthold Eric Schwartz

From a newspaper clipping:

One of the most talked-of men on the cruise was Jacques Romano, of Rochester, New York. Mr. Romano had made a study of the action of the human mind and its susceptibility to suggestion and will.

He is able to control the flow of blood in his body by making the blood flow into or withdraw from his arms at will. He demonstrated his power over others by influencing a subject.

Dr. J. B. Kennedy examined a man under the spell of Romano and declared that his pulse had stopped entirely. 'It is beyond me,' he said."

From another unidentified clipping which appeared to come from the early 1930's:

The chemist (Romano) held his extended fingers within two to six inches of the palms of a number of people in the room and all admitted feeling something like a cool breeze on their flesh; only they expressed it in different ways. One said it felt like a 'baby electric fan.' Mr. Romano explained he frequently cured headaches by the laying on of his hands.

He did some expert work with playing cards, such as naming the thirteen cards which a man in the audience dealt to himself as a bridge hand. He made only two errors in the reading and begged to be excused for making the mistakes.

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Romano, Jacques

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