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Hadewijch - And then I heard a Voice speaking to me; it was terrible and unheard of



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


With this number of words, the vision is with some bodied or disembodied soul - a former human or  a human somewhere else on this planet.  She may have had a living guide and not realised it, but the words are not that helpful if you look at them, they appear to recommend a pretty miserable sort of existence.

At this stage she is not practising love with visualisation, she may have been ill, we do not know.


A description of the experience

Hadewijch – from Medieval writings on female spirituality

And then I heard a Voice speaking to me; it was terrible and unheard of.  It spoke to me with imagery saying ‘behold who I am!’.........

He continued [to speak to her in the vision]

“Moreover… if you wish to be like me in humanity, as you desire to possess me wholly …, you shall desire to be poor miserable and despised by all men; and all griefs will taste sweeter to you than all earthly pleasures; …….. For they will be beyond human nature to carry. If you wish to follow Love, at the urging of your noble nature, which makes you desire me in my totality, it will become so alien to you to live among persons and you will be so despised and so unhappy that you will not know where to lodge for a single night, and all persons will fall away from you and forsake you and no one will be willing to wander about with you in your distress and your weakness, whatever the state in which you find your self. You will still for a short time lead such a life of suffering and I shall find my pleasure in it”………..

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