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Blithe spirit - A warning from the birds



Type of Spiritual Experience


It was not me doing the prophesying but I don't know how else to classify the following, which must rank as one of the weirdest things to happen to me


A description of the experience

For several weeks my husband and I had been awakened by a crow tapping on the pane of our bedroom window.  This was somewhat unnerving as it happened every day.

I cannot 'see' but I have a friend who is able to 'see' and I asked her to see if she could make out what it meant [if anything].  What she 'saw' was the crow with its eyes flashing 'watch out watch out, beware' - a sort of prophecy.  Then she saw my husband being dragged out the house - alive but being dragged away.  That really scared me, because the first thought is that it was a prophecy of his being ill.  So when I got home I said I had had a warning he was to sleep and relax more.  He was quite happy to oblige on that one!

A week later he was to be away for a few days taking our little boat to the seaside for the summer.  He and our dog left me alone in the house.  Not long after he left, birds of every sort started to tap on the window panes - chaffinches, the crow, blue tits, and at one stage a raven, who perched on the window sill only feet away from me and shook its head from side to side tapping on the pane.  A raven close to is a big bird and it really frightened me.

Still I didn't cotton on that all this was a warning. 

My husband had been 'dragged away' [a pun] and they were warning me to beware.  Within about 2 hours of this Hitchcock like attack on my windows, the Reveton virus struck and my whole machine became inoperable.  The Reveton virus is a ransomware virus that asks for money to unlock your machine.  Needless to say, even if you send money, nothing happens, you have a locked machine.

Only when my hubby returned did we manage to get it free and it took five antivirus packages to free it. HITMAN PRO was the only one that worked because the others deleted the virus but it resurrects itself from the recycle bin. And this is how the virus got through my virus checkers all three of them!

I am at a total loss to explain how a flock of birds knew that I was about to get a computer virus but [touch wood] I am now virus free and there are no more birds - no crow and no other birds either banging on my window pane. It all stopped once D had fixed it.

As I say this is one of the eeriest things that has happened to me recently.  My hubby says they were just attacking their reflection in the pane, but I'm afraid the fact they attacked it before and not after the virus seems a bit too simple an answer - and there were so many!

I only wish I could speak crow, then I wouldn't have got the virus in the first place!! 

The source of the experience

Blithe spirit

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