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Manning, Matthew - The Link - 22 Automatic writing and the little boy who was knocked down by a car



Type of Spiritual Experience


I think this observation covers two types of experience.  In the first part he is riding like the lad in Phaeton's chariot all over the perceptions and picking up random thoughts based on his own thoughts at the time.  So an unconscious prayer has sent him off all over the loom.

But the second part has the makings of a genuine communication from a disembodied soul

A description of the experience

The Link – Matthew Manning

I continued to receive regular automatic messages; their contents varied. Some of them were banal and meaningless, others fascinating and even very intelligent. A Gerald Wood informed me that he thought I would "find the swing of pendulum T given as T: 2pi square root l/g.”

A Martin Warboys hoped that-I had "something in the wind".  "Try the old races again, Bert mate," he advised!

I received a particularly sad but interesting communication from a small boy who had been knocked down by a car and killed on a main road a few yards from our house. He had been on his way home from school where he was usually met by his mother; on that particular afternoon there was no one to meet him and he was killed crossing the road unaccompanied.

"Tell Mummy," he wrote in a childish handwriting, "that I am all right but I have not got my front teeth because the car knocked them out." It is important to mention that I did not try to communicate with that boy; his note just appeared with others.

The source of the experience

Manning, Matthew

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