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Cayce, Edgar - Seeing Grampa



Type of Spiritual Experience

Inter composer communication

Number of hallucinations: 1


Edgar's Grandpa was killed in an accident whilst he was still a child and this observation happened not long afterwards.  The Squire spoken of in the observation is his father, who had no spiritual inclinations at all


A description of the experience

Edgar Cayce – Joseph Millard

He was out playing around the tobacco barns one day when a familiar voice said, "Hello there, Old Man."

He turned, and there was Grampa, smiling at him just the way he used to. The only difference was that Grampa's body didn't seem to be quite solid. They talked for a long time, the way they used to before the accident. Grampa had been looking over the tobacco crop, he said, and he explained to Edgar about not being able to take him hunting. After that, Grampa came quite often, and they had wonderful long talks together. Edgar told Grandma and his mother about the visits, and neither of them seemed surprised. But something inside warned him that it I might be better not to confide in the Squire.

The source of the experience

Cayce, Edgar

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