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Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius - The Philosophy of Natural Magic – On healing 02



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The Philosophy of Natural Magic, by Henry Cornelius Agrippa, L. W. de Laurence ed.

CHAPTER LXV. - How the Passions of the Mind can Work of Themselves Upon Another's Body.

….. let no man wonder that the body and soul of one may, …., be affected with the mind of another, seeing the mind is far more powerful, strong, fervent, and more prevalent in its motion than the vapors exhaling out of bodies; neither are there wanting mediums by which it should work, neither is another's body less subject to another's mind than to another's body.

Upon this account, they say that a man, by his affection and habit only, may act upon another.

Therefore, philosophers advise that the society of evil and mischievous men must be shunned, for their soul, being full of noxious rays, infects them that are near with a hurtful contagion.

On the contrary, they advise that the society of good and fortunate men be endeavored after, because by their nearness they do us much good. For as the smell of musk doth penetrate, so something of either bad or good is derived from anything bad or good by those that are nigh to them; which may continue a long time.

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Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius

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