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Watson, Lyall - Telepathy experiments



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A plethysmograph is an instrument that measures variations in the size of an organ or body part on the basis of the amount of blood passing through or present .

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Lyall Watson - Supernature

Douglas Dean, an electrochemist at the Newark College of Engineering, has discovered that even those who are consciously unaware of receiving telepathy might be doing so.  When someone concentrates on the name of a person with whom he has an emotional tie, the distant subject registers a measurable change in blood pressure and volume.  Dean used a plethysmograph to show that about 1 in 4 people have this kind of sensitivity.............

It seems to me that telepathy, defined as access to information held by another without use of the normal sensory channels is proved beyond reasonable doubt.  It is too much a part of both common experience and of  controlled investigation to be dismissed any longer.  We now have a great many records of communication taking place outside normal channels, but still very little idea how it might operate.

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Watson, Lyall

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